How to pay electricity 🔌bill online 🔥 SBPDCL website or BBBP Application.

SBPDCL can pay electricity bill through mobile app, UPI application, third party application or internet banking etc. We will discuss all payment methods one by one.

SBPDCL bill payment online through official website

You can pay your electricity bill through the official website Here you can avail a 2.5% discount on full payment within the due date.

How to pay electricity bill online?

How to pay electricity 🔌bill online 🔥 SBPDCL website or BBBP  Application.

Open the official website in the browser (Chrome, Firefox). Now click on "Click here for prepaid meter online recharge". Now you will be directed to another page (Quick Bill Payment). Enter your CA number here. And click on submit button.

Now here you will see two options, Pay Bill and View Bill. You can download and view the bill by clicking on View Bill.

Pay bill - To pay the bill, enter the mobile number. The amount will automatically be the same as the total amount. But you can change the amount and you can pay whatever amount you want.

After selecting the payment option BillDesk, PayU or HDFCPG, click Confirm Payment. After this again, a confirmation will be asked. Then click on Pay Now and follow the instructions that will complete your payment.

SBPDCL Official Mobile

SBPDCL's official mobile app for electricity bill payment is Bihar Bijli Bill Pay (BBBP). You can download the app from the Play Store by going to the BBBP in the Play Store. If you pay within the due date, you can avail a discount of 2.5% on the full payment.

After installing the app you will see a pop-up to allow you to use media files on your device. Give permission

The electricity bill app's interface will look like this. There are four options available here.

SBPDCL Official Mobile App for Electricity Bill Payment
  1. Instant Bill Payment - Through this option, you can pay your bill.
  2. Bill details and bill payment - Through this option you can also pay the bill. And apart from this, you can also download the latest bills and payment receipts.
  3. FAQ - Here you can read questions related to the app.
  4. Contact us - Address of company headquarters and toll-free number-1912.

You have to pay the electricity bill through "bill details and bill payment" and not through "instant bill payment".

After clicking on the bill details and bill payment option, here you have to enter your consumer ID or CA number. After this, when you click on verification, you will see your connection details like name, address etc., now enter your mobile number and email id (optional) then click save. After that, you will see a pop-up. User successfully added!

User successfully added !! After OKing the pop-up, you will return to the home screen. Now again click on the "Bill details and Bill payment" option. Now the user has been successfully added here!

Tap on Consumer ID to see bills and bill payment options. Here you see the basic details of the consumer and the amount due.

You can see three options in the bill summary:

You can see three options in the bill summary
  1. View / Download Bill - With this option you can view and download your latest bill.
  2. View / Download Receipt - From here you can view and download your final receipt.
  3. Pay Bill - This is the main point which is an option for SBPDCL bill payment through the app.

Now click on the Pay Bill option again, it will show your details and the amount to be paid.

After that, you have to choose the online payment option from the list. Here many payment options are available in the form of Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking, UPI, etc. Choose your convenient method and pay SBPDCL electricity bill online. Payment will be completed.

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