What is MNP 🔥 How to port a mobile number?

What is MNP? How to port a mobile number? In this post, we are going to get the complete information about it. The network we are using does not work properly at a location, calls are dropped, sometimes a network problem, sometimes something else.

To solve this problem, you can switch to another network. MNP service was launched on 25 September 2010. You can avail this service from anywhere in India.

If you want to replace your network operator with another network operator or switch your old number to another network, read this post till the end.

What is MNP?

Mobile number portability in which you can switch the network operator of your phone number to another network. You can choose any network provider with your freedom.

What is MNP? How to port a mobile number?

If you currently want to use Airtel SIM for some reason (cheap plan or strong network). You can avail the services of other networks without changing your number.

First of all, let's talk about the documents that are required when porting the number, it has become very easy after the Aadhaar card arrives. No other documents are needed.

Now only you have to take Aadhaar, after which your number will be ported in 24 hours. Also happens in a few hours, depends on the service provider.

What to do for porting number from existing network operator sim to another network operator sim?

First of all, to port your SIM, you have to send a message from the same number you need to type "PORT" in the capital letter, and then after giving the space write the mobile number and send it to "1900".

After sending this message, you will receive a message after some time in which you will get a UPC (Unique Porting Code) to port your number.

Now you go to the service center of any network provider and you have to give UPC unique porting code there.

After this, you will be given a SIM and you will be told that your SIM will be activated in some time.

As soon as the network starts coming in your phone, after that you will have to call customer care and you will have to give your ID details for verification, after which your number will be fully activated.

Keep in mind the things related to MNP!

When you plan to port your number, keep the following points in mind.

  • The number you want to port must be at least 2-3 months old.
  • If your SIM is in postpaid, keep in mind that any old bills should not be outstanding. By doing this your number will be closed within 3 months.
  • If a service is running on the old number or there is a balance in it, then keep in mind that you will not get it after porting.
  • Sometimes there are many advantages to porting a SIM. Postpaid users can be prepaid by port. One can get the benefit of service from one city to another.

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