What is inbound, outbound, internal, External, dofollow, nofollow, back links 🔥

How important are internal links to a site. It is clear from internal links that your website has many articles. If the link to that article is in or placed in another article, it becomes an internal link.

This is an example- Menu bar, popular post is link, comment link, ie all links. The link that links to the post or page of your site is called an internal link.

What is inbound, outbound, internal, External, dofollow, nofollow, back links 🔥

The advantage of giving a link to an article is that when you are writing a new article and it uses some word that you wrote about it earlier, if you give a link to that word, then the visitor to your website Will spend more time To read that thing.

Because of the search rank - When you give a link to an old article in your new post, the old article gets a higher rank than your new article. Because search engine robots, while indexing your new posts, give more importance to the old posts.

That means hitting multiple targets with one arrow. Your new article will get rank and your old article will also be indexed. Because there is a whole post / page inside a link.

External links - Like you have written an article and there are some words that you have not written about, but on some other websites like - inserting link of Wikipedia in your website article is called external link.

What is Inbound and outbound links?

Inbound links like we have read before, about Google forums - go here and search the topic and comment on that topic with a link to your website. Traffic will come there through the comment link. In this, you share the link of your website through the Internet. Like whatsapp, facebook on social media.

Outbound Link - In this we send a simple text message and tell people. That is, without using the Internet.

Links are most important for a site. So go to another website and comment there and add your link to create a back link.

If someone has asked a question on a site, you can give your link and tell them that your answer will be found here. So after creating the site, make a backlink to get your site ranked quickly and work hard.

How often you should place a link within an article - you can give the link as much as you want, but not in the wrong way. For example, when writing a post, a link to a movie or SEO or PHP word must be given. It is not that the term came from SEO and you gave the link to someone else.

What is NoFollow and DoFollow links?

Always give a link to your website by commenting on Do Follow Link. You can also call it back link.

No Follow Link - You will not get any benefit from this, you can create only one link.

How to know which link is Do follow link or No follow link. Like I make a link here.

This is your Do Follow Link.

<a rel="follow href="https://mysite.com/"> mysite.com </a>

This is your No Follow Link

in this also two conditions work.

<a rel="nofollow href="https://mysite.com/"> mysite.com </a>

rel = "nofollow" In this, if you create an internal link on your own website, it will not make any connection and Google will not index any of your internal nofollow. So whenever someone comes to your website and inserts a link, you make that link rel = "external nofollow".

rel = "external nofollow" This means that, apart from your website, do not make any connection to any external link.

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