Understanding the blog world 🔥Blogger, WordPress

What is a blog and its benefits? Let us understand the world of blogs. Blogs have evolved a lot. There are even many great bloggers. For whom blog has become the main means of earning money.

There are now a lot of CMS platforms, i.e. sites that provide services to create blogs. Among the many platforms, the two most well known are Blogspot and WordPress.

What is a blog?

Understanding the blog world 🔥Blogger, WordPress

A blog is an abbreviation for web log, a site that provides information to readers. These articles can be commented on by readers if the author allows it. Blog owners are known as bloggers.

There are also blogs that have posts on various topics, and there are also those that focus on only one topic. It all depends on the blogger's owner what topics are discussed in his / her blog. There are many topics that can be discussed, including internet, technology, health, education, business and many more.

Blogger Blog history

The term weblog was originally coined in 1997 by Jörn Barger. While the term was coined by Peter Merholz.

The blog that first created the blog was blogger.com. The site was previously owned by Pyra Labs until 2002. Then Google took ownership of blogger.com and offered its services free of charge to all its users. After Google took over the site, several applications were developed for the convenience of its users.

Benefits of a blog, what is a blog for?

With its function as a source of information, a blog can also have many benefits, including:

You have learned the experience in your life that you can use it like a diary.

Used to share knowledge and ideas.

Can be used as a media for business promotion or product marketing.

Create a community of bloggers.

A source of income by providing advertising.

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