How to find your target audience using Google trends.

If we have Topic, Keyword, Web Hosting and Domain Name, then now we need to target the audience. What is the theme of your website, so that we can reach our Topic to them. How to find your target audience using Google trends.

In fact, if you have created a website, but not an audience target, there may be a problem with your site's ranking. Because the target audience is the one who is interested in reading the topic of your site. So to know this, we will take the help of Google tool and search from it, where is our target audience?

How to target audience selection?

How to find your target audience using Google trends.

Google Trend - The best tool, which is Google's own, most people using. And it gives exactly the right data. 80% of people use Google only. People search by typing Keyword in Google's search box, Google saves that data in their server and updates it in their tool.

To use this tool you just need to write Google's search box "Google Trends" and by visiting Google Trends, you can search which keywords are seen and read more. Type some word in the search box and click on Explorer, after which the data will be in front of you.

For example, if you search by typing "SEO", it will tell from which place the word SEO is being searched, one thing to note is that it is showing you 5 years of data here, but you will get 90 days Will have to give time of It is to be seen that in 90 days, this word is being searched the most and in related words it is telling that this keyword is being searched the most among so many keywords.

Meaning if you do SEO search then it is not necessary that people also search SEO? Meaning there are many more keywords. Like Web SEO is similar to WordPress SEO etc.

It depends in which language you have written your content. My content is in Hindi / English, which targets India the most. But when SEO Keyword was searched in the Google Trends tool and in the data for the last 90 days, Vietnam is the most searched term in the country.

If this content was in English, you can target the country and location at any place where the language of the subject is placed in the meta tag of your website and with the help of Google Webmaster Tools.

Like if you have maintained Song Lyrics website, then you will know that there are many languages in India like different states have different languages ​​and people like to listen to songs or watch movies in their own language. Not only songs, we can also know this. Which keyword is being searched more in any one state of India. So do not forget to target the target audience after writing the content.

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