How To Choose the domain name for your website.

In today's article, we will read about On Page SEO Components. This means working on the website. For example, designing a website and working on SEO is called on page SEO.

The first is the domain name (URL), this is very important. The purpose of On Page SEO is that the domain should be so that people can remember it easily and it is not very long. And related to his subject. Like if you have domain name, and content technology.

If you have given the domain, Topic will also be written Fashion. Or if you are from technology, mention the name of the website related to the technology.

Choose the domain name of your choice for your website.

Another thing that is the primary keyword. It should be a domain name (URL) and should also be a primary keyword in the topic. Like we selected the domain name with the name of Therefore the topic in your website should also be about seotips.

And the primary keyword should also contain seotips. This will increase your site ranking very fast. Obviously, your website name is and the subject is also on seotips and the keyword is also seotips, so no one can stop you from reaching the top in search results.

You see the result yourself, open the page and type a keyword in it, you will see that the result has come to the top. And he searched by typing keywords. It is also the domain name of its website, and also in the title and in the description. The keyword you typed is highlighted.

Which domain extension would be correct?

Now domain extension comes, no matter on the subject, your domain extension can be anything like- .com, .net, .org .in etc.

But if you talk about targeting your domain world, then the best domain extension (.com) for this is. Which is targeted worldwide. And (IN) which is targeting India.

If you want to name your website, but it is already in use on .com, you can do .net or .org, but it is not available here either. So you can search domain name in this way, try using

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