How does HTTP and HTTPS work? 🔥

Why do website addresses often start with HTTP or HTTPS, what is HTTP, how does it work? Let us understand its functions. The full name of HTTP is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol. It is a protocol used for request and response between client and server.

HTTPS is intended for Secure Socket Layer over SSL or Hypertext Transfer Protocol for HTTP. Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and S (Secure Socket Layer). HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is an extension of HTTP.

How does HTTP and HTTPS work?

HTTP acts as a subscriber. Which is used to display web content through a browser. The web browser will establish a TCP / IP connection to a port, then the HTTP server will listen to a certain port and wait for the client to send the request code that will request the specified page.

How does HTTP and HTTPS work? 🔥

The MIME message will come after the operation. Where the message contains some header code information that states aspects of the request. HTTP is a process for transferring and receiving data from client to web server and client to web server. But this process is also affected by high and low internet connections.

HTTP function

HTTP plays a role in establishing a standard mechanism for the exchange of messages from Internet devices (laptop, mobile, PC) over the web. In other words, all web services are run through this protocol.

HTTP on the other hand serves to retrieve the linked text document provided by the web. Not only this, HTTP is also used to access web resources using (URL).

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