Advantages Disadvantages of Window AC Split AC and Portable AC.

Functions of an Air Conditioner Types of Air Conditioners About Window ACs Split ACs Portable ACs Advantages/Disadvantages. It is wort paying a tribute to those pioneers whose invention the Air Conditioner, helps make summers bearable.

Types of Air Conditioners

Window ACs

window ACs are fitted in a specially cut opening through the wall or window. All components of the AC are housed in a single box.

Require little installation effort, as compared to Split Air Conditioners
Less costly, as compared to split Air Conditioners
One self-contained integral unit

Quite noisy
Not suitable for large areas
Aesthetically good Split not as as Air Conditioners

Split ACs

Split ACs are split into two functioning components 1- The Compressor/ Condenser Unit located outside the house 2- The section that contains the Evaporator is installed within the house

Powerful output, hence suitable for large rooms
Quiet operation
Attractive designs

Needs to be installed by using the help of professionals
More expensive than Portable/Window Air Conditioners
Has two separate units- the internal and the external unit, hence requires effort to connect the two units by means of drilling fixing.

Portable ACs

As the name indicates portable air conditioners do not require fixed installation as compared to window and split air conditioners. These air conditioners are used when there is no space out side or there are restrictions on the placement of the outdoor chilling unit in the apartment in case of split air conditioners.

Easy to install
Cheaper than Split & Window Air Conditioners
The hosepipes can be longer or shorter depending on the location of the AC.

Not suitable for large areas
Aesthetically not as good as Split Air Conditioners
Higher noise levels when compared to Split and Window ACs

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