What is the advantage ON Grid🔥🔥 OFF grid and hybrid solar systems.

By investing something for a solar panel, a person can use solar energy for a lifetime. But the first question that comes to mind when it comes to installing a solar system at home is what solar system should be installed at home, as there are 3 types of solar systems available in the market.

Types of solar system in the market.

So let's know about the advantages and disadvantages of solar system. With the help of which you can easily choose the best solar system plate for the home.

  1. On grid solar system
  2. Off grid solar system
  3. Hybrid solar system

These three solar systems are designed according to different needs. Now we will talk about their needs, advantages and disadvantages one by one.

What is the advantage of on grid, off grid and hybrid solar systems.

What is on grid solar system?

On-grid solar systems are also known as grid tide. The grid solar system has the lowest cost from all solar systems. This solar system is connected to the power supply coming to our homes. Batteries are not used inside the on-grid solar system.

If the solar panel is producing more power, and is not able to fully utilize the power it produces, the on-grid solar system can deliver power to the power-grid.

Advantage on grid solar system

  • The grid is the cheapest solar system on the solar system.
  • It is very easy to install at home as compared to other solar systems.
  • With its help, we can save a lot of electricity.

Disadvantage on grid solar system

  • This on-grid solar system does not work when the home lights go off. Meaning if the supply coming from the power grid in your home is disconnected, then at that time you will not run any equipment in your house, because the on grid system does not work.

What is off grid solar system

Off grid solar system is most commonly used. It is used especially in places where there is a problem of electricity. It is slightly more expensive than an on grid system, as the battery is used inside it.

All home appliances from the off grid solar system operate during the day with the help of solar panels, and the extra electricity generated from the off grid solar system charges the battery.

When the off grid solar system is switched off in the evening, our home appliances start running on charged batteries. And if the battery is completely discharged at night, household appliances start running from the supply coming from the power grid.

Benefits of Off Grid Solar System

  • When the power is switched off from the power grid in our house, all our appliances start running on batteries.
  • With the help of off grid system, where there is no electricity, 24 hours of electricity can be used.

Disadvantages of Off Grid Solar System

  • This grid solar system is more expensive because it uses batteries. The battery has to be periodically maintained. Because the average life of a quality battery is 5 years. The life of the battery also depends on its usage.

What is hybrid solar system

The hybrid solar system is the largest solar system yet. Very little space is seen due to its price. Because it is made up of both ongrid solar system and offgrid solar system.

With the hybrid solar system, all home appliances run on electric solar panels during the day. With this, the battery is charged before the extra power generated from the solar panel. And after the battery is fully charged, excess power from solar power is sent to the power grid.

The net metering that goes into the power grid always passes through the meter. This meter shows how many units of electricity we have sent to the power grid so far.

Advantage of Hybrid Solar System

  • Inside the hybrid solar system, there are three ways by which we can operate our home appliances. With solar panel, with battery, with power supply.
  • With the help of this solar system electricity bill can be reduced. And from this solar system we can also send electricity to the power grid.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Solar System

Hybrid solar systems are much more expensive than other solar systems. There is also a maintenance cost of the battery. Its installation is slightly more difficult than the rest of the solar panel.

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