Difference between solar and electric inverteršŸ”„ convert into solar inverter

In this article we will read the difference between solar inverter and electric inverter.  How to convert into Solar inverter? Apart from this, we will also know the main things related to the inverter. Like - how does the inverter work? Which inverter should be installed at home?, How to convert normal inverter to solar inverter?

How does the inverter work?

How does the inverter work? The inverter converts the AC supply to the DC supply, after which it stores the DC current in the battery. And later whenever our domestic power supply is cut off, this inverter converts the DC supply in our battery to AC. With the help of which we are able to operate our devices.

Difference between solar and normal inverter or converting normaal inverter to solar inverter.

Difference between solar inverter and electric inverter.

Normal inverter functions

Converter- The function of the converter inside the normal inverter is to convert the AC supply to the DC supply. Then the DC current from the converter goes into the charger, this charger is connected to the battery.

Charger - The charger charges the battery, and it turns off the supply after the battery is fully charged. So that the battery is safe.

Inverter - Whenever the AC supply of the house is disconnected, the inverter converts the DC supply from the charged battery to AC and turns on the electric equipment of the house.

How Solar Inverter Works

There are 3 functions inside a normal inverter, similarly we get 5 functions in solar. Converter, Charger, Inverter - All solar inverter also has three functions like normal inverter.

But we get 2 functions more inside the solar inverter. And because of this, solar inverter costs more than normal inverter.

Blocker - If you install a solar panel in your home, this resistor function should be in your inverter. The resistor function prevents the electricity stored in the battery from going into the solar panel, so that the electricity stored in the battery is not spent by the solar panel.

Charger Controller- The charger inverter function is not found in normal inverters. As we all know that solar panel never gives us 24 hours electricity. It gives us DC current only when it is in the sun.

More off day solar panel, less in the evening, absolutely off at night. This can cause harm. Because we all know that while charging the battery, we have to keep the charging speed right. So that the battery does not go bad.

So the charger controller controls the power from the solar plate and charges the battery at a fixed speed. Which keeps the battery life good.

Which inverter to use at home

Common inverters can only be used to charge the battery. But it cannot be used with solar panels.

Solar inverter can be used for both general use and solar panels.

If you are thinking of taking a solar plate at home after some time, then you should install a solar inverter beforehand.

A normal inverter costs slightly less than a solar inverter.

How to convert Normal inverters into Solar inverter

If you already have a common inverter in the house, and you want to turn it into a solar inverter. So for this you have to buy solar charger controller from the market and connect it to your normal inverter.

There are 2 types of solar charger controllers available in the market.

  • PWM solar charger is made of old technology, due to which it consumes some power unnecessarily. Its efficiency is reported to be up to 70%.
  • MPPT solar charger does not waste your power unnecessarily. Its efficiency is stated to be 90 to 96%, which will be more beneficial for us.

My opinion to you is that MPPT solar charger should be installed in your house.

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