Which is better in Signal Private Messenger and WhatsApp?

When we goto download these android apps, mostly people ask Which is better in Signal Private Messenger and WhatsApp? In between Signal Private Messenger and WhatsApp which one is better for user privacy. Recently WhatsApp has changed their privacy policy. 

According to WhatsApp's privacy policy, this app collects data. Such as hardware information, battery states, and network service provider information, and more. WhatsApp new policy shares user information with its parent company, Facebook and the deal is not safe for users.

The Single Private Messenger App is an open source private messaging app developed by the Single Foundation, whose source code is publicly available to the community. If you don't know - "What is open source, what is closed source and what is a free software application?" Click here to know the difference between them.

Signal apps use end-to-end encryption for messages or calls. Read here what is encryption and how does it work? Click here.

Difference between WhatsApp LLC and Signal Foundation

Signal and WhatsApp are both messaging apps but WhatsApp has recently changed its privacy policy for some countries as WhatsApp wants to share user data with Facebook and other companies while increasing its profits.

And here is a major achievement for Signal because Signal believes in users' privacy. The single Android application is available on the Google Store, you can easily download the Signal app. Signal has all the features like WhatsApp.

Which is better in Signal Private Messenger and WhatsApp?
App infoSignalWhatsApp
Source Codegithub.com/signalappNot available
Editor ChoiceNoYes
App Size30.30 MB27.51 MB
Offered bySignal FoundationWhatsApp LLC
Released onMay 25, 2010Oct 18, 2010

The Technical Guruji has questioned not using WhatsApp. In addition to Elon Musk, many people have suggested using the Signal app by tweeting. Because Signal is an open source application. Their first priority is user privacy.

But there is no one god here, every person works for money. That is, they are working for their own benefit. Meaning both these apps are business tycoons and we are customers.

Is your privacy protected here?

If we are using a smartphone and have internet, then we cannot hide anything, because we have put our information on social media internet. And we have given permission from smartphone device so that it can see our data like- SMS, contact, phone, microphone, location.

Google uses this to personalize ads. Google gets permission from smartphone devices, each of your activity is public. What do you want to buy Google tracks you even when using an incognito window.

Telegram is also a good alternative to WhatsApp.

How did you like this information, what is your opinion? Please comment below, should anyone really use the Signal Android app? And what applications are there in WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal in your phone?

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