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Read this article till the end. Everything is explained in detail. By launching a website, you can learn, How to create a WordPress website? We have created a list of various WordPress words that will help you understand in simple definitions.

According to, "WordPress is open source software that you can use to create a beautiful website, blog, or app." W3Tech states that WordPress has a 60% market share for content management software programs.

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How to create a WordPress website ๐Ÿ”ฅ This is Page-1

How to create a WordPress website ๐Ÿ”ฅ

The WordPress website comes in two flavors .com and .org.

  1. Websites with are hosted on a WordPress server and provide different features for each of the company's four (free and paid) plans.
  2. website users purchase a Wordpress Hosting Plan and manage files and databases themselves. For this, you should have knowledge of Hosting Server.

Content Management System (CMS)

Content management system is a type of software that aims to manage digital content. Whatever content appears on the website that you want to change, you can do it easily through CMS. You do not need to make some changes to internal coding.

The blog

Actually, the term blog is made up of web + logs. Which people use themselves, as well as found on commercial websites. Where people share some kind of information on their blog.

Domain name

We use letters and numbers to select a domain name, visitors search by typing the domain name in their Internet browsers to access your website. Domain names typically use the .COM, .ORG, .NET, .GOV, .CO and .IN extensions, although other domain extension options are available.

Subdomain Name

After registering a domain name, you can create multiple subdomain names. For example, if your domain name is "", you can name the subdomain in this way. "", "", "", "". You do not need to spend any money for this.


Subfolders can be used to obtain a common folder. They are marked after the URL, such as with Another great example of this - when you want to download a theme for your website, first of all you see the demo of that theme. Because inside Folder, Demo Folder contains an index (demo) file. Ex- ""

Uniform Resource Locator (URL)

Identification of a location or address where documents can be found on the Internet. Both the domain name and the URL match each other, but the domain name refers to the home page address of your site. But the URL shows the address of all the files (video, image, PDF) on your website. Below is an example of a website URL, with the "How to create a WordPress website" stating the location / address of the file.

Domain Name Server (DNS)

It has two things, one is the domain name and the other is the server. We can view files placed on the server on your domain name ie website only when both are linked to one IP address. All companies have different DNS addresses. And the same company also has a different DNS address (storage location).

Suppose you bought "domain name" from Godaddy and "hosting" from Bluehost or HostGator etc., then you need to make DNS settings.

If both the hosting and the domain are purchased from a different company, then to connect the two, you need a DNS IP address, which you will get by the hosting company.

Since you have taken the domain name, log into their website and go to the domain DNS settings and select custom nameservers and DNS can update the IP address.

Web Hosting

A web host is the digital location where your website's files are stored. The web host is purchased by paying a monthly or annual fee.


cPanel "is an online web hosting control panel, a graphical interface that allows you to easily manage, delete, WordPress software, settings, code edits, databases, traffic reports and more, your hosting files.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

The Secure Socket Layer certificate is an additional layer of security that is used to create a secure channel between your site and your visitors' browsers. When you visit any website, there is a padlock icon on the side of the URL. The HTTPS protocol indicates that the site is secure. Before transacting money online, check the website to see if this website is secure or not.

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

HTML "Hypertext Markup Language is a standard markup language used to create websites and web applications.

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS)

Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is another web language that provides design / style to an HTML element. Such as - color, font-size, animation, width, height etc. which make the website beautiful.


JavaScript is an object-oriented coding language, commonly used to make web pages more interactive.

This is part-1 don't forget to read Part-2 click here

we will learn in part2-WordPress ui, Permalink Settings, Making your site public, Allow or disable comments, Set Your Time Zone, Customize theme, Set your homepage., Get plugins, Create page, Navigation (menu), How to set Widget

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