What is WWW 🔥🔥World Wide Web?

Often typing 3 characters together (www), the letter w is commonly used to type the address of a website. But what is www? Of course the question arises.

WWW is an abbreviation for "World Wide Web". Where the World Wide Web is a name given to all parts of the Internet that can be accessed through web browser software. The World Wide Web is the most used service and has grown at a very high speed.

This is because this service enables users to receive information in various formats.

If you understand in easy language, this "World Wide Web" information web page on the Internet creates information that appears on a laptop mobile screen through a browser.

What is WWW (World Wide Web)?

To be able to access www from a computer or other device, a web client program called a web browser is used. There are currently several types of browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc. are used. This web browser has millions of web sites, and the web site also has web pages. Which has some kind of information.

Basically, the Internet has many features, which need to be known. The first web mail service, this service is the most used service on the Internet, which is one of the requirements to create accounts alone on social media. Where email can be made free of charge at this time.

Next is the search engine, a search engine that helps Internet users find the address, even if they do not have an exact web address.

Thus the user only has to type the keyword in the search engine. The last thing web hosting is a place where a website is uploaded to the internet so that people can view information on it via www.

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