What is a meta tag 🔥 why is needed for search engine.

Meta tags are very important for any site. Content written in meta tags does not appear on the website page, it is only for search engines. So that the search engine can index the information written in it.

If you want to see the meta tag code of a website, you can open the site, press CTRL+ U and see the source code of the site.

What is a meta tag?

What is a meta tag 🔥 why is needed for search engine.

Meta tags are written in the source code of HTML. It is not displayed on the browser. This is for search engines. Search engine robots that are software. The information we have written by reading the meta tag in the source code of the website. They appear in search engines. And when a visitor searches. So you get the information as a search result.

Meta tag syntax - how to write meta tag

(Name = "description") In place of description, you can give keyword or author or robot or generator etc., but the thing to know is that it is written in HTML source code. And by naming meta tags, they make everyone different from each other. All meta tags written are written between the beginning and end of <head>.

By defining name = "robot", you define by writing content = "index", you allow all search engine robots to read and index the content of a website.

for example-

<Meta name = "robot" content = "index, all" />
<Meta name = "generator" content = "wordpress" />
<Meta name = "author" content = "Saroj Verma />
<Meta name = "title" content = "The title of your post or site goes here .. />
<Meta name = "description" content = "website description goes here .. />

In today's time, Google ignores these meta tags. The reason for this is that some people used the wrong keywords and descriptions to rank their website. For example, when a user searched for a topic on Google, he read the brief information in the search result, but as soon as he clicked on it to read the entire information, the information turned out to be something else.

Because of this, Google ignores these meta tags. If you are writing the correct information, you can write that Google did not rule out why you wrote the meta description or meta keyword.

Why is a search engine needed for it.

In addition, Bing Yahoo and Google Site Verification are meta tags. When you use Webmaster Tools. 

<Meta name = "google-site-verification" content = "cf9Cu24C" />
<Meta name = "msvalidate.01" content = "AE071A5A25E522A4F3B">
<Meta name = "p: domain_verify" content = "f5eb36221a4764387" />
<Meta name = "yandex-validation" content = "7441a55073a00" />

You can use all these meta tags in blogger, wordpress, html, php etc. very easy way. If you liked this post, please do not forget to share the post Thank you!

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