What is Keyword and Keyword Density 🔥How to do search engine optimization?

Keywords and keyword density, as if you have written 500 words in one of your posts. On top of the topic "Keyword Research Tool", the number of times the term Keyword Research Tool has appeared in your article.

In any post, the Keyword Density states that, which is the main keyword of your topic, it is the 3% of the total word in the post. Let us know this in detail.

What is Keyword Density?

The keyword is known about the topic of that post, such as if any company is related to it if my keyword is "mobile", but when you search by typing mobile in the Google search box, it will be written in the keyword post. 

And it will appear in all search results in front of you. If you search by writing SEO instead of mobile, then any website or post will be written on this subject. It will be in front of you in the search result.

Keywords can also be your 2 or 3 words. Like you will ever write in Google Search Box - Smartphone feature, Mobile Price, Download free song, free software or SEO Tutorials in Hindi

But it also sometimes happens while searching for a particular article of a subject. At that time the number of words is above 4. Like- how to create a WordPress website, how to do on page SEO or xyz latest movie is free download. It has many words, but only 2 or 3 of these focus on it.

It not only searches website content, but also results from social media. Therefore you must have seen that whoever maintains the website or channel. They also have pages on social media such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Now let's talk about Keyword density in easy language, so there is a quantity of all things. Like how much salt should be added while preparing food. This means that if more salt is added to it, it will not be edible.

Keyword and Keyword Density 🔥How to do search engine optimization?

So keyword density works in a similar way. Because giving too many keywords is also against Google's rule. It can do a lot of damage to your site in getting rank. So keep in mind the Keyword Density while writing the post.

How Much Keyword Density Percentage?

Focus is the number of keywords in your post. Its volume should not be more than 3%. Just like you have written 300 words in your post, you can write that Keyword 9 times. 500 if 15 times.

If you want to see how much the Keyword Density is. Write the entire contents of your post in Microsoft Word, then press Ctrl + F, type the keyword in it, search it, highlight it and then count it. After this, 3% of the total word should be written as much as it is extracted, it will run less than 2%, but not more than 3%.

Example- The number of words in my article is 500 and my keyword is named - Keyword density and its number is 12 which is up to about 3%.

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