Turn this smartphone setting off immediately🔥 a new threat for smartphone users.

In today's time, due to less technical knowledge about mobile applications, a new threat has come to smartphone users. Malware called EventBot (a type of malware) steals sensitive data contained in a user's smartphone as well as other financial information from the app.

With this malware, hackers steal sensitive data present in Android phones as well as banking and other financial data apps by entering malware devices. And can hurt you a lot.

Turn this smartphone setting off immediately

Security researchers point out that event bots are designed to target banking, money transfers, online wallets.

It is not available on the Play Store. This third-party app, such as Adobe Flash, infiltrates a user's device with MS Word. And cleverly takes away many application permissions and starts stealing user data.

Turn this setting off immediately, a new threat for smartphone users.

Cyber security researchers point out that the eventboat is still in its early stages. However, it is designed by very fast-minded hackers and has the potential to become a big and dangerous mobile malware in the future.

Important things to keep in mind to avoid malware.

Always keep your mobile device updated with the latest official software.

Do not download any app from informal and unknown locations.

Always keep the Google Protect option on.

Do not allow the application to read SMS.

Go to Phone Settings -> Go to Apps & Notifications -> Go to Apps Permissions -> Now you can click on SMS to see which applications are allowed to read SMS from your device.

If a wrong application has taken this permission, turn off the SMS permission quickly. Because it can steal your OTP. Whether it is any kind of OTP.

Also check telephone, microphone, contacts and additional permissions.

Note - Different phones may have different ways to turn application permissions on or off.

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