Top 3 Ways To Make Money Online 🔥 from backlinks and blogs

The top 3 ways to earn money online, create a blog, buy and sell backlink. Even if you are in the field of blogging, you can actually become an event blogger.

How to earn online? Join Adsense and Affiliate Marketing, but this method takes some time, because we have to create a lot of articles.

How to get money in a quick and easy way.

Top 3 Ways To Make Money Online 🔥 from backlinks and blogs

These tips can be very useful for friends who have just started blogging and have never been able to get money from the internet before. Hopefully, after receiving the first earnings from the Internet, more will be motivated to find online business opportunities.

Create a blog

The easiest and fastest way to earn money from a blog. So I recommend to my blogger friends, that you continue the practice of writing article ideas by creating a blog.

So you can quickly create a blog if you don't have it yet. So there are lots of ways to create a free blog, but you can start with or the WordPress platform.

There are even some senior bloggers who dedicate their blogs to writing as their main source of income. Often their names appear on the list of contestants, and win writing contests. Because actually this activity is quite fun, and also produces money.

Buy and sell backlinks

Many companies increasingly want to bring their product keywords to Google search🔍. This is why SEO has become important in this digital age.

Although there are a lot of factors in the ranking 📊 of websites on Google, backlinks are one of the most powerful factors.

Where can I buy backlinks?

Post your advertisement on the blog. Create an "Advertisement" page, where you indicate that your blog accepts backlink support for advertisers, who also need it. Backlinks can be included in the market.

If they are interested in your blog, you will be contacted.

Generally, the more visitors to your site, the higher the views of advertisers.

What else does your website see besides traffic?

Keyword technologies considered by advertisers: - Domain authority and Alexa ranking of your website / blog. Subdomains etc.

I suggest buying a top level domain to make your website professional by not using or WordPress.

Become an influencer

If you already have many followers on social media accounts such as YouTube Facebook Twitter InstaGram Etc .., you can actually earn extra money.

Influencer literally means people who recommend products / services to their followers to purchase products through social media.

Even the company will pay you to promote your product. It is up to you how they treat you and your followers.

Of course, the more followers you have on social media, the more information you have in working with you.

Whatever online business you adopt, you should do it with honesty and never give up. Because it can be difficult in the beginning, especially as a winning blogger who is not familiar with the method of making money through the internet.

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