How to put a mobile tower on the roof of a farm or house?

If you also want to know how to put mobile towers on your land, then read this post completely, it will definitely help. By installing towers, people around you will not have network problems and you will also earn income.

No company charges you to erect a tower, it is completely free. If someone asks you for money for a tower, he is cheating on you. He may also make a false promise to pay you more.

The place decides not you, the telecommunications company.

The telecom company decides where to place the mobile tower. No matter how much you talk to the telecom company, if they do not like your location, they will never set up towers. The telecom company decides with the outcome of radio frequency whether the tower can be erected or not.

It also depends on your location. So if your place is in a pit, water damage and towers may be closed during floods. The second thing is that the van for tower maintenance can easily be from there.

There is no direct contact with the telecom company.

The towers contracting company has towers in the hands of the towers. There are many companies that erect towers. Such as - Indus Tower Limited, Bharti Infratel Limited.

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