Google tracks you even when you use an incognito window tab

You also randomly share your most intimate secrets with your search engine: Medical, financial and personal issues, issues as well as the things you do throughout the day. All this personal information should be private, but Google does not have it. On Google, what you search is tracked. This lets Google know what you like. And accordingly you are shown ads.

How to Google tracks you.

When you search for 'car' in the search engine, we can show you a car advertisement without knowing anything about you. It does not include tracking as it is based on keywords and not on individuals. Rather, Google tracks you on your personal information and shows you ads. Tracking is to power their ad networks so that advertisements can follow you on the Internet using your search history and other information you have.

Google tracks you even when you use an incognito window tab

incognito This is another myth. The "incognito" mode is not really secret at all. This is an illusion and should be replaced in my opinion. It deletes your local browsing history after browsing your Internet on your device, but still tracks Google websites through other tracking mechanisms such as your IP address and browser fingerprinting. What have you searched for?

Google tracks you more than a search engine, YouTube, Gmail, Chrome, Android, Gmaps, and all other services. you can feel.

Google Analytics is installed on most sites, allowing website owners to know who is going from which location to which post category on their site. Also showing that information to Google. Through Google's three largest ad networks: Adsense, Admob and DoubleClick.

Do you know that Google Ads follows you. 

You know the ads that follow you everywhere. Most of them are actually run through these Google ad networks, where they give advertisers your search history, browsing history, location history, and other personal information they collect. It is also well known that they enable advertisers like airlines to charge you different prices based on your personal information.

These advertisements really motivate you to buy more things. This makes Google profitable.

Search without any fear.

When people know that they are being watched, they change their behavior. This is a well-documented behavior called chilling effect, and it occurs on Google. For example, an MIT study showed that people had less health-related searches on Google after Snowden's disclosure, because their personal illnesses were becoming known to others.

Google is very powerful.

Google GIANT is the epitome of Silicon Valley big technology, with a market cap of around $ 750 billion (at the time of writing), 75,000 employees, searching, browsing, online advertising, and more, all with tech online is.

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