Philips portable bluetooth speaker BT64A, BT64B, BT64R and BT64W. Function

Philips portable bluetooth speaker BT64A, BT64B, BT64R and BT64W. Product specifications and overview of the speaker.
Philips portable bluetooth speaker BT64A, BT64B, BT64R and BT64W. Function

Power on off and source selection.
Turn the speaker on or off with long press.
Select search by sort pressing Bluetooth/ Micro SD card (TF card)/ FM / line in available only when stereo cable is connected.

Play pause
Answer or reject an incoming call.
End the current call.
Disconnect bluetooth connection.
Search FM channel and save.

Volume decrease long press.
Previous song channel Short Press.

Volume increase long press.
Next song channel short press.

DC in recharging the built-in battery.

Line in connect an external audio device and for use in FM as antenna.

Micro SD TF card.

Place the speaker on a flat surface. charge the built in battery. Connect the USB cable between DC in socket on the speaker and USB socket of a computer. Now play your favourite songs.

Bluetooth pairing- turn on the speaker long press power button speaker interest in politics mode blue LED will quickly flash.
Turn on Bluetooth device like mobile, computer and search the Bluetooth name Philips BT 64.
Press pair in the device to connect with the speaker when enter pairing mode It will give out a beep sound while it will give out double beep sound after pairing successfully.
Blue light will stop flashing ( normally no need to provide password if need just put 0000 as the password).
After pairing successfully, the device will connect with speaker automatically next time.
Long press play pause button for 3 seconds to disconnect current device speaker enters in paying mode.

Audio in - connect a Stereo cable (audio input cable) on both ends to.
Audio in socket of speaker.
The headphone socket on the external device short press power button to change FM mode/ audio in mode. Without audio cable, 🔊speaker cannot go in to line in mode.

Connect and audio stereo cable and press power button speaker will go in FM mode and LED will flash blue and green alternatively.
Long press play and pause calling button speaker will go in search mode and save all FM channels. Short Press  - or + button and select desired channel without audio cable speaker cannot go into FM mode.

Micro SD card
Men inserting MicroSD card slot press power button to choose micro SD Mod with LED colour changing to light blue without micro SD card speaker cannot go into Micro SD mode.

Handsfree phone call function
Blue light will flash when there is an incoming call the speaker will also come out with beep sound press calling button to answer the phone call to decrease or increase volume by pressing - or + button.

Low power
When it comes to low power in the speaker will come out with beep sound at the same time volume will be decrease to click perfect playback please charge in time the speaker will shut down for no power.
If you are not using the speaker for long time ensure that it is being fully charged once every month in order to protect the battery.

Product specifications
Rated output power 3 watt RMS.
Signal to noise ratio >55 dB.
Audio input 600mV.
Frequency response 70Hz~20KHz

Speaker impedance 4ohm
Speaker driver  1.5inches.
Sensitivity 80dBm

V4.0, V2.1+EDR, 2.4GHz-248GHz, range-up-to 10m.
Weight-145g, microsd support 32GB.

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